Monday, March 11, 2013

Engagement Rings - Why Anything Less Than A Diamond Ring Just Won't Cut It

We've all heard those sayings, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and "Diamonds are forever." Well, both of these are very true. Women, the world over, have an affinity towards diamond jewelry. For the average women, diamonds represent romance, devotion, and of course, everlasting love.

To a great extent, this is perfectly understandable, considering that under normal circumstances, diamonds, once formed, are indeed everlasting. One of the greatest ironies with diamonds is the fact that they originate in extremely inhospitable environments, some eighty miles or more inside the Earth's mantle, below stable continental plates. Others are formed at sites where meteors and asteroids have slammed into the Earth.

Despite the fact that diamonds are formed under such horrific conditions, their splendor has captivated the hearts of mankind ever since their initial discovery. No other known material can disperse light like a diamond can. No other natural material is as hard as a diamond either. In fact, nothing can scratch or cut a diamond, other than another diamond. Diamond engagement rings can be worn for a hundred years and the diamonds will look as good as they did when the rings were first purchased.

It can take more than three billion years for a diamond to form, even under ideal conditions, so just imagine how long those diamonds can last. When you buy a diamond, you can be rest assured that it will outlive our planet. The sun will have burned out; the Earth will be just another lifeless body traveling through space, but you diamond will still be here. So, diamonds really are forever.

Another thing which makes these stones unique is the fact that no other gemstone enjoys such a significant markup in terms of price. For example, mined uncut diamonds worth 6 million dollars can be worth more than 50 million dollars by the time they reach the retail stage. Additionally, no other gemstone has resulted in as much bloodshed.

In several countries, diamonds have been sold in order to secure money for the acquisition of weapons and etc. These are nowadays generally referred to as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. As a result, some of the companies which are at the helm of the diamond trade have stopped buying diamonds from certain countries. De Beers for example, will only trade in diamonds that have originated from countries where there isn't any political conflicts.

To get back to the original topic, most women want diamond rings. It's not about the price. They know there are more expensive options. It's about the diamonds, and all that diamonds stand for. Of course diamonds aren’t reserved only for rings either. Necklaces and earrings also routinely feature diamonds.
Interestingly enough, the top five most expensive necklaces are all made up primarily of diamonds. The most expensive one of them all, with a price tag of 14 million dollars, is a 155 carat diamond necklace which is also home to a 40.63 carat Burmese ruby.
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