Monday, March 11, 2013

Stainless Steel Rotisseries - One Of The Best Things You'll Ever Buy

Man has been cooking food over fires for approximately 400,000 years, and the practice continues to this day. Back in the early days however, they of course didn't have fridges to store their meat, but at that time it wasn't really a problem because people lived in largish communities, so meat from a hunt would likely have been consumed before it could spoil.
Of course once the concept of grilling meat over a fire was discovered, man had to find a way to prepare a large amount of meat all at once. When the men returned from a hunt with a dead animal, they wanted to cook the whole animal so that everyone could eat together, and so the rotisserie was born. It certainly wouldn't have been anything like the rotisseries we have nowadays, but it would have served much the same purpose.
People all over the world enjoy a BBQ, and in fact, in many areas, it remains the primary means of cooking food. For people who eat meat, the smell of meat cooking over hot coals is simply divine, but as most BBQ enthusiasts know, there's actually quite a knack to it. It's all to easy to forget to turn meat over at the right time, or to turn it over too often. Likewise, if the meat is too near the coals, you end up meat which is over cooked on the outside, but raw on the inside.
Meat which is too far from the coals also doesn't turn out the way it should, and to make matters even more confusing, different meats need to be cooked differently. For example, there's a huge difference between cooking a steak on a BBQ and cooking chicken on a BBQ.
The big test however, comes when you attempt to BBQ a whole chicken. If you’ve previously tried it, then you will already know just how tricky it can be. You’ll also know that you can’t leave it unattended, even only for a few minutes. It really does have to be turned constantly. In fact, it’s more trouble than it’s worth, but then again, chicken pieces just never taste quite as good as a whole chicken does.
Fortunately, there is an incredibly handy solution. These days you can get really nice rotisseries that will do all the turning for you, while you sit around the BBQ with your family and friends. As is be expected though, not all rotisseries are made the same. If you’re going to spend money on one, then you might as well buy a good one that’s been made from good quality stainless steel.
Some spit rotisserie manufacturers use inferior parts which simply cannot cope with the heat and etc. A rotisserie is one of those things that rarely end up forgotten about because they are just too handy. Once you use one, you will definitely want to use it regularly, so while a good stainless steel one might cost a bit more, it really is worth it.

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